This is Earl’s Rib Palace.

Great BBQ Made by Great People.

Smokin’ Since 1996.

Whether you’re an Okie by birth or choice or just lucky enough to pass through, we’re willing to bet you’ve landed here for one reason: you love great BBQ.

Well, look no further because Earl’s Rib Palace is great BBQ. In fact, it’s more than that.

Born and bred right here in OKC, Earl’s Rib Palace has been the definition of Oklahoma BBQ since 1996. Earl’s is owned and operated by life-long friends who grew up right here in OKC. Their passion was, and will always be to create BBQ and a welcoming destination for anyone wanting affordable, authentic BBQ.

There are five Earl’s Rib Palace locations in the OKC metro, employing over 200 Okies. And of course, we are proud to be a certified Made in Oklahoma (MIO) business. But the declaration that we ARE Oklahoma BBQ stretches beyond our Oklahoma roots.

Oklahoma BBQ is about the passion, the process, and the people.

BBQ lovers are passionate! Ask ten different folks what makes good BBQ, and you’re likely to get ten different answers. Every corner of the country touts their BBQ as being the best. Hot or cold smoked, beef or pork, dry-rubbed or drenched in tomato or vinegar sauce, everyone has their preference.

At Earl’s, we know Okies. And we know what Okies want from their BBQ. That’s why we start with quality meat, seasoned lightly with our proprietary dry rub, and slowly smoke it over Oklahoma’s finest hickory kindling. We spend a crazy amount of time on our food because we believe Oklahoma BBQ is more than just barbecue sauce.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re BIG fans of sauce, and we take great pride in ours. The Earl’s sauces (Hot and Not) are still made fresh daily from the same recipes we perfected 27 years ago when we first opened our doors on Western Avenue.

We subscribe to the philosophy that great BBQ is only as great as the people who make it and the people who eat it. Lucky for us, Oklahoma is all about great people. Kind. Genuine. Proud. Loyal. We strive to deliver those same qualities with every meal we serve.

At the end of the day, we believe great BBQ should cause you to hang around for one more bite, one more joke, and one more story. So slow down and enjoy it.

This is Earl’s Rib Palace.
This is Oklahoma BBQ.

Here’s to 27 Years

The story of Earlywine “Earl” Jackson

Over the course of his illustrious life and career, Earl perfected his own style of BBQ.

He smoked it up to the delight of dignitaries, heads of state, movie stars, outlaws, and common folk alike.