Pig Points Rewards 

You Eat Oklahoma BBQ.

We Fork Over the Bacon.

Earn points as you pig out. Redeem anytime, anywhere.

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Sign-Up Bonus

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Birthday Bonus

Each year for your birthday, we’ll add $10 in points to your account just for being an older version of you!

How the Pig Points system works:

You get 1 Pig Point for every dollar spent at Earl’s or online. Each point is worth $.06 towards future purchases at any of our locations.

So if you spend $10 during one visit, you’ll receive 10 points and can get $.60 off your next purchase.

We make tracking all of this easy for you.

No card to carry or remember to use. You just need an account.

As you spend money with us, we’ll assign it to your account. Your account can have your email or phone and credit card(s) attached to it so we can easily recognize you across all our locations and online orders to help ensure you always get your points.

You’ll have the option to use your points anytime you wish in full or in part as you spend in-store or online. It’s that easy.

Not sure how many Pig Points you have?